Hdmi Dvi Vga

1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card

1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card

1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card    1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card

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Workstations: Z210 z240t z400 z420 z800 z820. Supports the following Dell Computers. 5675 3847 3668 3656 3650 660 620 580 560 546 545 537 531 530 519 518. 200 220 230 260 270 3070 3252 3650 3653 3660 3667 3668 3669 3670 3900 3901 3902 3905 400 4090 420 430 460 470. 2010 4700 5000 5100 5150 8400 9100 9150 9200 E510 E520 E521.

400 410 420 430 435T/9000 600 625 630 700 710 720 730 730X 730X H2C 7100 8100 8300 8500 8700 8900 8910 8920 8930 9100. GX280 GX620 320 330 360 380 390 580 740 745 755 760 780 790 960 980 990 3010 7010 9010 3020 7020 9020 3040 3046 5040 7040 3050 7050. 370 380 390 470 490 530 670 690. 5810 7810 7820 7910 7920. T1500 T1600 T1650 T3400 T3500 T3600 T3610 T3620 T3630 T5400 T5500 T5600 T5610 T5810 T5820 T7400 T7500 T7600 T7610 T7810 T7820 T7910 T7920 Workstation Model.

435 MT, 435T / 9000, 7100 8000 8100 9100 Full-size Towers. T2 0 T30 T110 T110-II T130 T310 T410 T710. M710t M71e M91p M92p M93p E73 Tower, M58/M57/H415/H420/H430/H50 Desktop PC Models. ACER POWER: F6, FE, F5, FH, M8, FG.

ACER ASPIRE: M1100 M1200 M1201 M1202 M1420 M1470 M1610 M1620 M1640 M1641 M1831 M1920 M1930 M1935 M3100 M3200 M3201 M3202 M3300 M3400 M3410 M3420 M3450 M3470 M3470G M3640 M3800 M3802 M3860 M3900 M3910 M3920 M3970 M3970G M3985 M5100 M5200 M5201 M5400 M5600 M5620 M5621 M5630 M5640 M5641 M5711 ME600 M7810 M7811 T630 T650 T670 T671 T680 T690 E571 T180 T3-100 T3-105 TC-100 TC-102 TC-105 TC-120 TC-220TC-605 TC-705 TC-760 TC-780 TC-865 TC-885. CM1630 CM1730 CM1740 CM1745 CM5570 CM5571 CM5671 CM6630 CM6650 CM6850 CM6870. ASUS Pro Series: D320MT D415MT D520MT D620MT D631MT D820MT D830MT D831MT. THIS CARD IS FOR FULL SIZE TOWERS ONLY. NOT SFF OR SLIM PC'S.

THE METAL BRACKET ON THIS CARD IS 4-3/4. We will do our best to answer your questions! We are very good at solving problems.

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  • Memory Size: 1 GB
  • Connectors: DVI Output
  • Compatible Slot: PCI-Express x16
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown
  • Chipset/GPU Model: AMD Radeon
  • Cooling Component(s) Included: Fan with Heatsink
  • Compatible Port/Slot: PCI Express x16
  • Chipset Manufacturer: AMD
  • Memory Type: DDR3
  • MPN: 5450
  • Power Cable Requirement: Not Required
  • Brand: XFX

1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card    1GB Full Height Size PCI-Express PCIe x16 VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Card